Festivals of Summer 2017 in Dallas


summer-fest-dallas-2017The 2017 summer festival line-ups in Dallas are, as usual, filled with fun and memorable activities. Brands and entertainment companies looking for opportunities to do a little investment or business should also consider the lucrative Dallas market. The 2017 festivals are a fun mix of music, food, art and beverage, all in good measure. It is a great idea therefore, to get as much details about these festivals as possible, so as to mark-up the calendar. It is not a fun feeling to be left out of the fun, (no pun intended) when the summer is finally over and everyone you know has had the time of their life. Another great reason to schedule your calendar for these festivals is that, “the more, the merrier”.

Here are some great festivals that everyone in and even out of Dallas ought to be marking on their calendar:

Dallas Summer Fest

This is perhaps one of the greatly awaited Dallas festivals in the 2017 summer. It is slotted to take place from July the 27th to July the 30th. It arguably is the largest event in Dallas in the whole year, and is normally a 4-day affair, involving the whole city of Dallas without exceptions. It is no wonder that its parade attracts about 20 000 people, many lawnmowers and a ton of beer!

The main theme for 2017’s Dallas Summer fest is “Hawaiian Luau”. The Dallas Summer fest hosts everyone, from young kids to teenagers, to adults; the whole family can have great and memorable fun attending this festival. Interesting activities slotted for this festival include, among others; live music, vendors, art shows, cars shows, a huge and fun parade, and definitely a variety of food for everyone. There is much more activities in this festival, one ought not to miss it for anything! One sneak peek of what is to happen here is the eclipse recording. These Festivals have been slotted on one of the days that the eclipse will take place.

Music Festival

Unity One Music Festival and Market will be held at Historic Downtown Ennis in Texas. It is an event that aims at collecting resources to provide basic human needs like medicine, food and raise awareness about the less privileged in the society, aiming at the elderly mainly and citizens who are misinformed when it comes to these topics. Various artists and music genres are presented here, including country music, soul, blues, gospel, jazz, R & B, and even hip hop. This amazing festival cannot end without an array of food, representing the Dallas culture in all its various glory, arts, children’s activities and even farmers markets! This annual festival will be held somewhere in June, follow-up to confirm the exact dates.

The SXSW (South by So what) Dallas music festival in 2017 is another large event. Although not exactly in the summer, but the timeline is perfect for a great music festival in Dallas, Texas. The music festival dubbed “So What” is slotted to take place in March of 2017, will encompass various bands and live artists, who will be performing for the audience. The music genre is wide and varied, with indie rock, metal, electronic and hip-hop genres being in the line-up. It shall be held in QuickTrip Park, in Dallas Texas. Keep an eye for this Dallas Summer Festival 2017 if you are an avid music lover, or want to surprise a music lover by taking them to this festival.


Collin Classic Bike Rally

This is one of the most awaited Dallas Summer 2017 Festivals! It will be held in June of 2017 as well. It is a greatly anticipated festival rally because it involves every person who loves bike riding. Your level of proficiency does not matter, because there are various categories of bicycle riders. These categories include; whole families, kids only, amateur riders and even seasoned riders are all featured here.

This festival brings together a large gathering of riders, from all over Dallas and there are always opportunities to rejuvenate during a ride, no matter the intensity of the ride. Great food, beverages and drinks are also included in this rally; therefore, a rider does not need to carry their own food and drinks. This rally is sponsored by Active.com and in 2017 possible other sponsor is Mold Removal Doctor Dallas

Other Dallas Festivals


The above are the major festivals to look forward to in 2017, but there are numerous other great festivals to look forward to in Dallas Summer Festivals 2017. Some of the other ones you need to mark your calendar with are; Latin energy Festival and car show, which will be in June, the Irving Canal Festival and the Oak Cliff Film Festival. Shakespeare Dallas Shakespeare in the park, which is a performance festival, is also one not to miss, alongside the Dallas Black Music Festival.